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No, Mick isn’t a typo, I know the groom’s name in this wedding is NICK, but when BETHENNY FRANKEL posts your wedding on her IG Stories and calls you Mick—you now become whoever she says you should be. Yes, Chrissy and “Mick’s” wedding will go down in history as one of my all-time favorites because Bethenny, THE Skinny Girl herself, crashed the wedding I was photographing. DEAD.

But there are so many more reasons why I loved this day. I had been looking forward to it since I met these two for coffee in Charlestown. I’m giving them one bonus point for living in Charlestown and about five extra for being BILLS fans because you know I love any Buffalo Bills fan. They get more bonus points because Christy told me about the Youngstown Cookie Table that featured many of the cookies my mom makes which are my favorite and at least a dozen more for having trust in me when I told them to take photos on the beach in front of the crowds of sunbathers and filling Chrissy’s dress with a good ten pounds of sand. But I’m throwing out at least 100 more points for the combination of having realty TV star crash your wedding (and let me get a selfie with her!) AND for Mick/Nick who totally surprised me and was a complete ham. I knew I liked him when we met for coffee (see above: being from Charlestown and a Bills fan) but he totally threw me for a loop at how gregarious he was. He literally took every opportunity he could to dance (on the beach, on the dock during portraits, during the entrance and obviously to start the dance party) and had me laughing the entire day and night.

On top of all those points these two racked up—this was one of the weddings where I felt really lucky to know both Chrissy and Mick/Nick. Every single person talked about what amazing friends they are—as evident by a bridesmaid who had with her an 11 day old baby proving that Chrissy must be a very, very, very special friend because you aren’t going to be IN a wedding, let alone attend after just giving birth for just anyone. And I just feel so lucky to have met them and have them live in Charlestown, too, because I plan to crash at least one of these epic parties I hear they like to throw. I also felt really lucky to get to capture these little moments where Mick/Nick looks at Chrissy that I’m sure she doesn’t always notice, and the way that Mick/Nick makes Chrissy’s entire face light up with laughter.

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Dowses Beach was the perfect spot for a first look.
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Nauticus Marina held the ceremony and reception.
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2019-07-10_0042.jpgPin thisimageEEK–BETHENNY!!!!
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Nick, I hope you never lose your spunk or your dance moves.
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thank you both for trusting me, letting me a freak when I saw Bethenny and just being the best ever.  I hope to see you in Charlestown so soon!!!

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