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Charlestown’s Newest Resident: Little Miss Elle

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Hey guys, heyyy!  I’ve got some reallllll pretty to show you today.  And not just normal pretty. Pretty as in you’d kinda hate this family if they weren’t wonderfully nice and humble and all the things that make them impossible to hate!  Lauren is cousins with my favorite families, the Devaneys, that you met last summer and again when sweet baby Hannah came into the world, and most recently with Emily and Elise’s summer session.  And for Lauren’s baby shower a few months ago, her amazingly generous and thoughtful Devaney cousin’s surprised her with a newborn photoshoot for her soon-to-be baby, Elle.  In my opinion, this is THE best gift that someone could give–and not just because they hired me to do it (but bonus on that, obvs!).  It’s one of those things that, I think, everyone wants, but doesn’t necessarily have the foresight to think of.  And one of those things that is a “nice to have” at a time when you are throwing tons of money on “absolutely must haves” like diapers and Butt Paste which can break the bank after a single month with newborn blowouts.  So Lauren’s cousin’s gave me a little introduction to Lauren and we connected and waited for little Elle to come on out and meet us which happened fashionably late.  And when she was finally here, Lauren and I chatted back and forth making plans for the shoot, and Lauren mentioned that being a new mom was “so fun”.  Now, I’ve worked with lots of new baby mamas and have many many many friends who have recently had newborns and NOT ONE of them have ever described having a newborn as fun.  In fact, I’d say 6 days out, most of us were still hormonal and crying for no apparent reasons.  But Lauren is an exception to every rule.  Wait til you see her.  She looks absolutely phenomenal for JUST having a baby.  I actually walked in thinking I was meeting a friend of Lauren’s and not someone who just pushed out a 6 and a half pound baby because she had NO BELLY at all.  (Two weeks AFTER I had Leo, my neighbor stopped and asked me when I was due.  Keep in mind I was carrying Leo in his carseat, that’s how big my belly still was…or maybe that’s more indicative of the intelligence level of my neighbor…HELLO PEOPLE!!!  If you see someone with a newborn, do not ask them if they still are pregnant!)  Lauren was so upbeat and so excited to be a mom and did not look like she had lost any sleep, and her adorable Charlestown condo was so charming and mature and clean that you’d have never guessed that they had just welcomed a baby girl.  Top it off with Mark, the world’s most proud papa EVER who went to Hobart and loves the Finger Lakes as much as I do, and the squishiest, most sweet and adorable little peanut ever, and I was so ready to Single White Female this family. That’s normal to admit, right?
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2015-09-22_0003.jpgPin thisimage2015-09-22_0005.jpgPin thisimage2015-09-22_0006.jpgPin thisimageMark looked like this for the entire duration of our shoot…huge smile, hugging his baby girl.  I’ve never, EVER, seen anyone so smitten.
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World’s cutest family, am I right?
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Lauren and Mark, Elle is absolute perfection.  Congratulations, best of luck, and join BABYCAKES!!! 🙂 Hope to see you all again soon!signatureJANELLE

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