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Meet Allie: The Littlest Mermaid

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It’s Friday night and I have to get up super early tomorrow for a wedding, but I couldn’t resist blogging this photos of my friend Dana and her sweet girls.  There’s certain parts of my life that I feel serendipity played a huge part in, including having had Leo when I did and having joined a mom’s group in Charlestown where I met my Mom-Tribe.  Initially, I thought I’d just meet a group of girls who I’d spend my maternity leave with, go to a few lunches, and then go our separate ways.  But instead, I met a group of amazing women who have been so supportive in not just the mommy aspect of my life, but in all areas.  We’ve been with each other since day 1, or rather, week 5 with our firsts, and now we’re embarking on our newest adventures of being mommies of 2.  I led the way when I had Nico, and shortly after Dana added the newest addition to our group, Allie, and I’m so happy that we’ve got 7 more babies on the way!  It’s crazy to think about how chaotic our group events are going to be soon.

I feel super lucky to have got to spend a few hours with little Allie and Maria, who takes on her new role of big sister like a champ, in their adorable mermaid room.  These two are going to be the best of friends and I love that I get to watch it all unfold.

Let’s start with Leo’s girl crush, Maria, and her mama, my sweet friend, Dana.
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These three look nothing alike.
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Dana, welcome to the mommy-f-2 club!  I’m so happy to have you with me.  Much love to you all!

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