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Champagne Tuesday

If you happen to be in the process of buying your first house, I’ll let you in on a little secret…the BEST part of owning your own home (besides finally having a roof over your head) is the bottles and bottles of champagne you will receive as housewarming gifts!  And not just the cheap bottom shelf, instant hangover bottles…the real bottles of bubbly…the kind that cost more than $7.99 and cannot be bought at CVS.  No one ever told me this!  Had I known, the months of painstaking torture in the real estate process would have been much easier to tolerate and I wouldn’t have felt like stabbing my eyeballs out every time I heard the word “counter”, “close”, or “inspection”.    Between my friends and family, I think we managed to collect a pretty impressive amount of top-shelf bubbly, and if I were in charge, which thankfully I’m not, we would have saved those bottles for special occasions and not touched one until our first unborn child graduates from high school in 2037!  But just another reason why my husband is so awesome.  Instead of letting me hoard the champs (Heather DeBrow, 2012…if you understand this reference, I love you) he’ll pop a bottle open on random nights to celebrate…well…whatever we want!  No special occasion necessary!  After all, isn’t it an accomplishment to make it through the day without a nap, or only watching one episode of Housewives?

So here is to random Champagne Tuesdays and our friends who have enabled us to become weekday alcoholics!

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PS:  Sauce was just as thrilled about Champagne Tuesday as we were…

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And a throwback shot: Last summer we were lucky enough to tour Italy on our honeymoon. Here’s a shot from our hotel room of some Prosecco and the amazing view of the city of Positano.  If you ever get the opportunity to visit the Amalfi Coast, you should drop whatever you are doing and run to the airport…and if for some reason you absolutely can’t, tell me and I’ll take your spot in a heartbeat!

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