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You know…you think you know someone.  You fly down to DC and hang out with them for a day, see their condo, meet their dog, know their life partner and never once do they mention they won a Fulbright Scholarship.  Not once!  So not only is this guy a genius, but he’s also super humble, which makes him even better.

I am so happy to share Joe and Casey’s wedding with you today.  I have this irrational and probably slightly creepy connection to them.  It could be because we did a destination engagement session in their current hometown, or because I’m probably double their age, but I felt as though I was watching a little brother and sister get married (to clarify a little brother and a little sister who aren’t related to one another…otherwise that’d just be wrong.).  These two are just so special and being with them on their wedding, meeting their families, learning more about them throughout the day (like the fact they are both geniuses) made me fall in love with them both even more.  Thanks to Mother Nature, we had a gorgeous Saturday in May to celebrate on the Cape and I sort of feel like some of these pictures will end up on CNN someday when Joe becomes President of the United States.  Casey, what are your thoughts on White House Christmas decorations?  I’m happy to help you string up some lights.

OK, on to their photos…let’s start with the pretty invites and then take a look at drop dead gorgeous Casey and her unreal wedding dress, OK?

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2019-06-10_0055.jpgPin thisimageSpecial thanks to my girl, TLZ Photography for photographing the guys…
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2019-06-10_0080.jpgPin thisimageThere were a bunch a party ANIMALS at this wedding….
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Look at these little cuties.
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Cheers to forever (and for me photographing you for.ev.er….right, Joe? 😉

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