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Caroline & Keith’s Esperanza Wedding

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Oh hello!

So excited to share this wedding with you today because it was filled with a lot of first:  the first time I photographed a wedding in New York (yay!), the first time we needed a life guard to make a save while photographing on the dock during portraits (thankfully the victim was only a gift for the bride and groom, that although left a little soggy, survived) and the first time the weather said 1000% chance of rain and it actually didn’t even sprinkle a drop!  The day was perfection, as is this couple, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen two people so madly in love as Caroline and Keith.   And getting to capture them in a gorgeous venue on one of my favorite lakes so close to home was a dream that I was lucky enough to say came true!

Leading up to the wedding, Caroline’s mom, Kathy, had posted pictures of Caroline as a little girl on Facebook: the chubby cheeks, the coy little smile…all the things I remember about the little girl I knew way back when.  And when I walked into Esperanza last Saturday and saw her all ready to get married and looking like an absolute princess, I could still see traces of that little girl.  How Kathy wasn’t a complete puddle on the floor watching her baby girl as a bride is beyond me.  Getting ready with Kathy, Caroline, and her sisters was so special and being in that room with them on this day was a complete honor and I just hope these pictures preserve all the love that was so apparent.

When I say Caroline and Keith are madly in love, I meant it.  The way Keith looks at Caroline makes me weak in the knees.  They have a fairytale kind of love.   And as Leo says, they looked like a real “pwince” and “pwincess”.  I think you’ll agree…

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Caroline and Keith wanted to save their first look for the church, but we decided to get some “first look” images of Caroline showing off her dress to her dad and to her girls.  The shots of Caroline and Jeff absolutely melt my heart.
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2016-07-20_0017.jpgPin thisimageMy boyfriend, Drew, greeted me at the chapel.  Love his sweet little self.
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Oh my goodness…parent dances.  If my boys have as much love for me as Keith, I’ll be so happy.2016-07-20_0053.jpgPin thisimage
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The new Mr. and Mrs. Prestano…
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You guys know how much I love you and your love.  THANK YOU for picking me to be with you.  I loved every second of this day and I can’t wait to see you on another very special day in October!


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