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Cape Cod Family Session

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While most people take off of work the week of the Fourth of July, I was working every day.  Between holiday weddings and family photoshoots, my camera didn’t get a vacation and neither did I.  But when the clients you are photographing welcome you into their gorgeous summer homes with gifts and invitations to dinner and glasses of rose, work doesn’t really seem all that rough.  And, when those people also happen to be wildly nice and ridiculously gorgeous it makes that “work” you are there to do a snap.

I was thrilled when I received Lauren’s email earlier this year telling me that her and her siblings were getting together to surprise their mom with a gift certificate for a photo session for her birthday.  With family coming in from Denver and different parts of the state, the weekend of the 4th was a perfect time to take photos of the entire family and we were lucky the weather was in our favor.  Spending a warm, breezy summer evening with this growing family was so special–and I hope they’ll have these pictures to look back on and forever remember the time they spent together.  Thank you for letting me be the one to seal these moments for you!

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Do you remember Miss Elle from her newborn shoot not so long ago?
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Elle’s face when I told her I just wanted “one” more…and proceeded to take 30.
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Izzy.  The model.
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My main man, Joe.  He’s a professional in front of the camera.
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The original crew.  Love this one.

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Larry, Barbara, Carolyn, Gianni, Izzy, Mike, Lauren, Mark, Elle, and Joe (did I miss anyone?) I had so so much fun with you and hope you enjoyed the holiday together.  See you soon!!


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