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Brittany & Shawn’s Lake Pearl Wedding | Boston Wedding Photographer

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I know…that sunset, right?  Nothing like a good summer sunset over a lake to get a Lake Girl to fall in love.  I know being partial to a lake is not a popular point of view living in New England since we are surrounded by such gorgeous beaches and ocean, but I just cannot fall in love with any body of water more than a lake. So shooting Brittany and Shawn‘s June wedding at Lake Pearl was a dream.

These two are so special and so sweet.  You can see it based on every interaction they have and in their relationships with their friends and family.  Spending the day with them and alllllll their guests was a blast…from sweetest and most tearful wedding ceremony I’ve ever photographed, to the way Brittany’s veil floated off her head and down the aisle during the ceremony when taking a moment of silence for family members who have passed (how crazy is that??) to the hilarious Maid of Honor and Best Man speeches, to the epic dance floor and splits by Shawn’s dad (if you’re reading this…I’m wondering how sore you were the day after ;).  There was so much love and so much FUN at this wedding that I know Brittany and Shawn will cherish for a lifetime.

The weather started off a little dicey.  Even though no rain was in the forecast, sun showers were scattered through the morning but thankfully cleared in time for the ceremony.
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2019-07-15_0007.jpgPin thisimageBrittany’s vision for the details of the day were on point.  I loved the eucalyptus aisle.
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Is it too much to ask for every night to end with a White Claw and a kiss?  This is exactly how I’ll picture you two when I remember this day!  LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!

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