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The best is yet to come…

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Year 6/7…it was a YEAR.

Can you tell by the fact I’m posting this in FEBRUARY instead of October? Yes, life doesn’t happen quite as punctually as it used to, but we are loving every second…or as many seconds as possible with two toddlers in tow. 😉

So much happened to our lil’ family this year. We moved further into the city, to many’s surprise, and we absolutely love it. We walk everywhere and are enjoying the perks of having so much city right at our fingertips. Leo started school at the most adorable preschool in the world and Nico and I love to walk and go get him.  We love alllll our neighbors–these kids are so lucky to grow up in a place surrounded by so many friends.  They have more friends at 1 and 3 than I’ve had in my whole life.  Lucky ducks.  I’m obsessed with the fact I can walk to many of my family shoots and weddings, however, Alex is still huffing and puffing to Newport on the daily, and as hard as this season is in our lives, we know that these are the days.

Thank you to all our clients who have made 2017 amazing and for our village that keeps us afloat.

Check out past years and see how the boys (and bags under my eyes) have grown.


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