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My Best Friend’s Babies | Charlestown Mini Session

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So I finnnnnally got my hands on Aidrian & Ainsley. FINALLY. These two are the adorable babies of my best friend who you will not see in any of these pictures because he got hurt playing soccer with his friends (or was he just avoiding the photos?) but Jeanine got in a few after some strong convincing.  They met me at my first round of Charlestown minis right before nightfall and the sun put on the most beautiful display–it was on fire, and so were these kiddos.

After, we all got ice cream for dinner.  Such a solid Sunday.

By the way, these children are not only gorgeous but they are SO well behaved.  If Nick and Jeanine wrote a book on parenting, I’d snag the first copy.  Lucky for me, we’re friends and they are forced to give me advice for free.
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Pulling right at the heart strings…
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Jeanine, THANK YOU for making this happen.  You know how much I love seeing you guys, but getting to take your pictures on top of a visit was perfect (and ice cream, of course!)

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