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Benny and Brady and Fam | Boston Family Photographer

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Eek. I’m feeling terrible.  Remember yesterday’s post where I bragging about getting stuff done like the light on our roof deck?  Well this morning I woke up to a ringing doorbell and two electricians standing at more door ready to install the light that was already installed.  In my excitement about the electritcian I called yesterday to get a quote that happened to be available and was at my front door in 15 minutes ready to work, made me completely forget that I had called someone last week and made an appointment for a previous electrician come to look at the light today!  Ugh. I feel like the worst human alive.  After apologizing a million times to the two men who stood in the pouring rain on my stoop they were way too nice and told me it wasn’t a problem.  But I’m pretty sure I’ll feel like a jerk about this one for at least the next 72 hours.

Moving on to something that doesn’t make me feel completely horrible, I’m going to introduce you to Benny and his family (Bbbbenny!  Benny!  Benny and the Jets….sorry, can’t help myself! As a HUGE Elton fan I’ve literally played this song on repeat as I edited.) We got to hang out in Southie last Friday to celebrate Benny’s second birthday.  And you better believe I was stoked to photograph such a cool family as they came walking up in their cute little jeans. How do people get this cool?  I put on jeans and look like wreck, they wear jeans and look like everything I’ve ever wanted to be.  This family is so much cooler than I’ll ever be.

We had so much fun hanging in the park and Benny nailed this session despite the fact the mean photographer made him take photos next to the playground but not in the playground until the very end.  That’s discipline!  We did get Benny to crack up during the session after showing him videos of himself–love that kid!

This family is just too much.  I feel like we were bound to meet seeing as I posted a picture of them on my IG and had at least 20 people reach out saying they knew them.  And I learned that I’ve been drooling over their kitchen built ins that my friend, Candace of House of Paige, posted a few weeks back.  I feel like I should prob just move into their condo and be part of their family.  Makes sense, right?

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Kisses for Benny
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The look you get when you tell a 2 year old to stop running…
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Such a fun morning, Benny!
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Happy 2nd, kid!  I have a feeling it’s going to be a goooooood one!

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