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Bennett & Addy-Girl

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You guys know how much I love to spill my guts and chat on my blog, but the fall for photographers is like April for accountants and I’m in up to my eyeballs in editing (really adorable faces) so I’m going to keep the next few posts semi-brief even though it’s killing me!

Meet my boy, Bennett and his little sis Addy.  Aren’t they they cutest and don’t they all look exactly like their daddy (if you don’t believe me, scroll down a few photos and see for yourself).  I connected with their mama, Ashley, a few months back to set up this shoot and I am so happy that she found me because they happen to be one of the most laid back and kind families ever and I’m so glad they broke me out of my Charlestown bubble to introduce me to this magical backdrop that we shot in.  The sun was perfect and I had the absolute best afternoon with these four.  I hope to see them again so soon!

My guy…
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janellecarmela(9of54).jpgPin thisimageI love this picture because I think my brother and sister have the exact same shot (except they were sitting in front of an ugly backdrop at Sears Portrait Studios back in the early 80s).
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I feel like this perfectly sums up life with two little ones.
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You guys are perfection. Cannot wait for you to see the rest!

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