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We should just get it out of the way now…it’s the coolest last name ever, am I right? I wasn’t sure if it was a real last name or a nickname so I had to ask—but it’s real and it’s amazing and I want it. This whole big bad Barefoot family gathered in Boston to get some extended family photos with their newest little cousin, Macy. (This blog also could have been titled “The Most Loved Baby Ever” because every single big cousin that girl has loves her to death and each wanted a picture holding her. It was so sweet…I was the baby of my family and I 100% know that no one cared about me when I was that little judging by the fact there’s millions of photos of me that I’m left OUT of. Def not bitter about it though…)

Now, I don’t work with a lot of kids of this age group but I so wish I did. They are so freaking fun. Each one LOVED getting their photo taken and they loved to pose and come up with new photo ideas. They could follow direction and were engaging in conversation—it really was such a fun way to spend a Sunday morning. I’m so glad that they carved out time from their schedules to get these photos done together. I am already imagining a few of these making it into slideshows at one of their wedding in 15 years!

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Group hug directed by them. Adorable, right?
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Molly, thanks for introducing me to your clan!

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