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Baby Thomas | Charlestown Newborn Photographer

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Oh my goodness…I’m in bed watching 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Anyone else watching this trash? It’s so good. I’m loving all the drama and the ridiculousness. Reality TV really rocks my world. What would I do without it? Watch the news? Blah. No thank you!

Sharing this really adorable little session from last week. Julia contacted me to take photos of her 5 month old baby boy, Thomas, but unfortunately, his daddy couldn’t get out of work to be with us. A piece of me was a little hesitant because less people sometimes equals less options for photos, but Thomas had some surprises hiding for me up his little onsie sleeve. HIs mom happened to wear the most beautiful dress to photograph for a newborn shoot, the light on their third floor was beyond that had the sweetest little balcony off the back and a tree that looked like it should grow some citrus fruit and a lattice fence. All this together made for the sweetest little shoot that was so unique. Little Thomas is SO adorable and for being 5 weeks old, he is still so stinking calm. Julia, you got a good one. A really, really cute, good one!
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And then Julia glided to the front door to see me out. How perfect is this family?
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