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Baby Price and Big Sis M.G. | Charlestown Photographer

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Oh I really fell in love with this session. 1. Because I got to meet new neighbors. 2. Because new big sis, M.G. is like a 60 year old wrapped up in a teeny tiny adorable little toddler body who could sit and chat with me like our names were Gladys and Sophia on the front porch of an old house for hours 3. Because I LOVE me some coffee and I love chatting about coffee and Rachel and Nick like to do the same so we hit it off over our coffee talk (can anyone say that without thinking about the old SNL skit? Or is that just me?) 4. Because new baby Price was so calm and cool and fit right in to her second child status and was so easy to photograph.

Do you need me to go on? (You should probably say no because if I do go on I’ll probably start complaining about something totally random like traffic, or lack of sleep, or the fact the darn trash men will not pick up the vanity that I put on the curb even though it says DIRECTLY ON THE BOSTON WEBSITE THAT THEY WILL TAKE IT.) OK—you don’t, so let me introduce you to this cute little family of four plus two fluffy pups. You’re going to LOVE them.

Big sis, M.G. let me play for a bit in her adorable eclectic room that I wish I was cool enough to pull off:

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What big sis does when little sis is snuggling…
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Can’t you just feel this baby snuggling in your neck?
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Sweet dreams little Price.  Thanks for letting me hang with your cool new fam!

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