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That chair up there?  I bought it a few years ago from a house sale in the suburbs.  I had seen them advertised (not even sure where because I def don’t have time to follow house sale!) and stalked the person selling for those chairs for days.  I couldn’t’ get to the sale on the first few days so I kept hounding the poor woman every hour to see if they were still there.  On the last day, I finally made it up and scooped them up.  They weren’t yet back in style (though some may argue they still aren’t…ALEX!) and I had 0 place to put them initially, but I just loved them and had to have them.  And isn’t it perfect that these old treasures (yes, Alex, TREASURES) were put to good use for little Mickey’s photo session?

Mickey and her fam came over to my place last week for her photoshoot debut.  Isn’t she a doll?  She is ridiculously chill.  I have had a string of super chill babies recently.  Part of me thinks it’s because I get really cool parents, part of me must think that there must be something to be said for astrology or crazy energy or whatever people attribute mood to.  Whatever it is–it was not the case when I had my kids ;).  Erica, Joe, Cici, and little Mickey Josephine (cutest name ever, right?) were so much fun and I fell like I was supposed to find my way to them and make them my friends.  HOWEVER–if Joe could never mention to Alex that he’s going on a golf drip to Ireland next month, that’d be really good for me, mmmmmkay? Thanks!

We started inside in the AC and then moved to my favorite place to shoot at the end.  I absolutely love when we can get some newborn shots outside.  So different than most and when you have a killer garden down the road, it’s an obvious backdrop.
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2019-08-01_0049.jpgPin thisimageOne shot wonder.  We actually took this photo within the first two minutes of Mickey’s arrival.  Nailed it!!
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OK Peanut, being cute is exhausting!
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Erica, drag me to barre when you go, OK?  😉
SO fun meeting you guys!

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