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Baby Jack’s Farewell to Boston | South End

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I don’t really want to share these photos with you. I want to keep them locked up on my computer forever and never put them up. Because sharing these pictures means that Liz, Tom, Jack, and baby #2 are a step closer to leaving Boston and moving to NYC. I met this family when I photographed little Jack’s first birthday party back in February and it was love at first sight. He was adorable then and he is even more adorable now and I’m so BUMMED that he and his super nice, really fun parents, are packing up and shipping outta Boston in just a few weeks.  I swear, all the people I find here that I end up really liking, end up leaving me.  (Are you reading this?  Do I like you?  If so, I’d start renting a Uhaul now.  You are most likely deserting me and moving far, far away.)  Liz and I have a mutual friend who surprised Liz with a photo session of all their favorite Boston spots so they can remember the time they spent while they were here.  I love love loved this idea and was so happy I could be part of the gift.
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I just love that little face.
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I just cannot get over how gorgeous Liz looked.  Please God, let me look like her next time around!
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Best friends.
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We ended the session at Liz and Tom’s townhouse.  I’d probably chain myself to the front door in protest if I had to move out of this place.
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I want to pitch a tent and set up camp on their roof deck. I could look at that view for days.
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2015-07-24_0023.jpgPin thisimageI don’t know…Boston looks good on you guys.
2015-07-24_0026.jpgPin thisimageClosed off the session with some mac and cheese…the way every night should end.
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Do you have to go?  I know you are going to have an amazing time and new life in NYC, but hope to see you around Boston’s streets again soon!  Best of luck and PLEASE come visit!  signatureJANELLE

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