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I need to send a huge shout out to my friend, Kari, for not only hosting 1000 people at her house yesterday for the very rainy Bunker Hill Day parade (and entertaining me and my kids for about 8 hours which is like handing me gold on a 10 day solo stretch of single parenting due to Alex’s travels to Asia) AND for introducing me to this next little adorable family.  Kari and Rachel work together and I was so thrilled when she contacted me for family photos, especially since she requested to do them on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.  This location is so fun for family photos and some of my favorite sessions happen at this carousel.

Rachel, Brock and the boys live near the greenway so the carousel and the splash pads are practically their backyard.  Spending the afternoon there felt normal for the boys, but I love that they’ll have some photographs of them doing what they do. Whether your yard is surrounded by a picket fence or crowded greenway populated with tourists, it’s these moments that the boys will remember as their childhood. Thanks to Rachel and Brock for being brave enough to end the session in the splash pads, too.

Let me introduce you to Anson and Henry…

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Absolutely obsessed with this photo. Little Anson told his mama he wanted to give her a kiss. (Heart. Melt.)
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Favorite photos of mom and dad? When you pull back and see what the kids are doing while they wait. Loved this one.
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