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A.T. & Sam’s Hardy Farm Wedding | Boston Wedding Photographer

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Can you believe I’ve gotten two weddings up in one week? If you say yes you have much too much faith in me. But I am chipping away at all so I’ll give myself half a pat on the back for that.

Sharing a really fun wedding with two of the cutest tonight. My friend referred me to these two and before we met she told me I’d love them—as always she was right. They are so in love (you can see it in all the photos the way Sam looks at AT) and they are just so darn nice. Their wedding was at Hardy Farm which is in Fryeburg, Maine. Not being from New England, I don’t really have a connection to many places, but randomly, our very good friends happen to live in Fryeburg and one used to be the Mayor there, so in addition to the referral, it felt as though this connection was another reason why I was meant to shoot this wedding. Hardy Farm is amazing—if you haven’t found a venue and are looking for something rustic that has so many different options, you’ll adore this place. I feel in love immediately with the space and the catering was top notch—the wait staff gave me lobster rolls which made me fall in love in seconds.

AT was an amazing bride. Beautiful, easy to shoot, and had her act together (even if not everyone read her email—wiiiink!) She helped me organize her huge family and all her extended family members knew where they had to be and when due to her A+ preparation skills. I may have to get her on the Janelle Carmela Payroll as my Chief Operating Officer (I know nothing about business. Is that what a COO does?) And Sam…well, Sam really pulled at my heartstrings between the way he looked at AT like the was the most amazing thing in the world, and the way he cradled his mom after their mother-son dance when he knew she was emotional. I hope I raise boys like Sam.

Is it inappropriate to also say that the N*Sync music at the reception also bumped this wedding up higher on my list, too?
Bye, bye, bye…

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First look time.
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I want royalties from Molson for this shot. Apparently Canadian beer from Canada tastes better than Candian beer from America? Regardless, the vintage bottle is adorable.
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There was a slight “break” before AT walked down the aisle (break as in an entire wooden pew broke in two and dropped all the guests to the ground) but Sam kept his eyes on AT the whole time.
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Ending this one with one of my favorite pics of all time; a silent stolen moment between these two during the reception.
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It might sound crazy, but it ain’t no lie, I loved loved loved working with you guys!

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